SEO for Auto Dealers

Elevate your dealership’s visibility and performance with the industry’s premier SEO service in London. Vivid SEO is Digital Marketing service provider who gives cutting-edge marketing solutions to help your dealership compete in the ever-changing panorama of today

Increase Enquiries

There’s no shortcut to list on the top of the search engine results pages. Auto Dealers in London who look to the prospect and include SEO as part of a holistic digital strategy centered on engaging, high-impact content will earn the greatest search engine visibility, and the traffic to the website and leads that follow. It’s a strategic partnership to your business.

Our team will work with the individual dealer to understand their business goals and draw cost effective and optimized digital campaigns from/by our team of search engine expertise and analysts. The results are proven: You’ll enjoy visibility and significantly elevated engagement and leadflow – all delivered with maximum efficiency.


You don’t need to worry about Google algorithms and site security. Leave that to us! we take care of everything. Vivid SEO clients can rest assured that their websites are constantly being enhanced and optimised by our team of Strategists, Specialists with unmatched SEO IQ with a total auto-industry focus.

The power of the industry's best technology platform and immediately execute SEO strategies that exceed your goals and improve your dealership's overall visibility. They work together with campaign coordinators, social network strategists, and digital strategists to incorporate SEO into a complete digital strategy. This is all part of our ongoing service to keep your business in pole position.

Comprehensive SEO Strat

To make sure your list consistently reaches possible buyers, Vivid SEO teams optimize for the local range of buyers. Content strategies vary by the dealership and include custom content designed to connect local buyers to your dealerships, such as including blog posts, news articles, creating a model page, and other specific dealership informational sources. The approach is shown to raise performance across your digital strategy, including higher rankings across the search engines, increased visits to your website and more leads from qualified visitors.