Vivid SEO : SEO Packages & Pricing

Vivid SEO, affordable SEO Agency in London works hand-in-hand with small to big sized businesses and start-ups for a worry-free digital transition, and our pricing is competitive. We’ve developed multiple full-service packages based on your needs and goals, so you can focus on growing your business.

Packages may vary depending on the client's final requirements. The cost doesn't include third-party advertising, software integration and subscription cost. If the client is willing to run paid campaigns and advertisements on Social Media Sites, Vivid SEO will set up and monitor the campaign on an agreed rate.

Monthly price
Additional taxes may apply.

Local Lite

$990 / year

Save $198 / year

Recommended for small businesses with fewer services.

Local Advanced

$1,790 / year

Save $358 / year

Recommended for medium businesses catering more services.


$3,990 / year

Save $798 / year

Recommended for Enterprise.

On Site Optimization

Keyword Competitions

Low to medium


Medium & high

Target Keywords

Less than 10

10 - 20


Number of Services/Products

Less than 5

5 to 10 services

10+ services

Monthly Keyword Ranking Report

Web Technical Audit

Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking

Article Submission

Web Blog Post

2 posts/month

5 posts/month

Competitor Analysis

Website Maintenance & Updates

Social Media Posts

2 posts/week

3 posts/week

Adwords Campaign

Maintain upto £1000

Maintain upto £2000

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Maintain upto £250

Maintain upto £500


Mail/phone Mail/phone Mail/phone